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the bird is mortal; [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Forugh Farrokhzad

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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|03:58 pm]
Forugh Farrokhzad
Two things:

Can someone give me the link to the Windup Doll in Farsi? I looked everywhere, including http://www.forughfarrokhzad.org and Universities libraries and since I'm very limited in my Farsi reading, I want to find both Farsi AND english translation of Forugh's poetry side by side in ONE BOOK. It's nearly impossible to find her stuff in second hand bookstores in Toronto. I have exhausted every mean to find her stuff and when I did find it, it's often all in Farsi or all in English but I would like a book that has both.

Or shall I order through the internet from a reputable company located in Europe? Any recommendation?

Thank you.
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|02:56 pm]
Forugh Farrokhzad

[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Marge man roozi faraa khahad resid,
dar bahaari roshan az amvaje noor,
dar zemestani ghobar Aalood o door,
Yaa khazaani khaali az faryaado shoor!

Marge man roozi faraa khaahad resid
roozi az in talkho shirin roozha
rooze poochi hamcho roozane degar,
Saayei, zemroozhaa, diroozha.

mishetaaband az peye ham bi shakib
roozha o haftehaa o maah-haa
chashme toe dar entezaare naamei
khire mimaanad be chashme raah ha

ba'd haa naame maraa baaraan o baad
narm mishooyand az rokhsaare sang
goore man gomnaam mimaanad be raah
faaregh az afsaanehaye naam o nang.

Ok so i love this song! but I had to shorten it alot cuz it's very long. Hope u people will enjoy :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|03:37 am]
Forugh Farrokhzad

right now i am sleepy, its 3.36 am! but i promise to post a poem first thing when I wake up.
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tavalodi digar [Aug. 14th, 2005|11:54 pm]
Forugh Farrokhzad

[Current Mood |pensivepensive]

zendegi shayad yek kheyabani derazast
keh har rooz zani ba zanbeeli az an migozarad

zendegi shayad rismahnist keh mardi ba an khod ra az shakheh miavizad

zendegi shayad teflist keh az madreseh bar migardad


zendegi shayad an lahzehyeh masdoodist
keh negaheh man dar niniyeh cheshmaneh to khod ra
viran misazad

dasthayam ra dar baghche mikaram
sabz khaham shod
midanam, midanam, midanam

va parastooha dar goodiyeh angoshtaneh joharyam
tokhm khahand gozahsht

forugh farrokhzad is my hero.
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2005|11:56 am]
Forugh Farrokhzad
I'm really pleased to have found this community. I started reading Forugh's poetry in my second year of University. My major was World Literature so I read all sort of different things but Forugh really struck me as a different kind of female poet. I'm planning on getting one of the passages from 'The Wind Up Doll' tattooed on my ankle (in farsi, of course) but lately, I've been obsessed with 'Another Birth' and I want to share a passage I think is perfect.

In a room as big as loneliness
my heart
which is as big as love
looks at the simple pretexts of its happiness
at the beautiful decay of flowers in the vase
at the sapling you planted in our garden
and the song of canaries
which sing to the size of a window
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The Bird Is Mortal [Aug. 12th, 2005|12:15 am]
Forugh Farrokhzad
[Current Music |esfahan- moein]

I'm depressed,
I'm depressed,
I walk to the veranda and I stretch my fingers
Against the lengthened skin of night,
The lamps of communication are dark,
Nobody will introduce me to the sun,
None to the feast of sparrows,
Remember the flight,
The bird is mortal.

One of my absolute favourites. I hope this community picks up eventually. If not, it still exists for anyone who's interested.
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